You don’t really want it (you just say you do)

What’s something you’ve always wanted to do?

For me, I want to write a book. To share the many things I’ve learned about being a creative human being; the struggle and the beauty that comes along with it.

I want to do it, because I feel like I’ve been blessed with many gifts in my life — knowledge, experiences, and advice — that have had a positive impact on how I think and how I work. I want to share those gifts with others. Every time I get a spark of motivation to work on the book, it’s usually met with the following in my head:

The truth is, I haven’t even tried. Instead of actually doing the work, I’ve spent my energy inventing reasons why I can’t. I may take a step forward here and there, but I haven’t truly committed to the hard work. We’re all like this.

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Someday is not a day in the week. Yet we always put things off till “someday.”

We say we want it. We don’t act like we want it.

It’s the ‘saying-doing gap’. A concept I learned from Seth Godin (I’m paraphrasing): we have a big gap between the things we say we want, and the things we actually do. Hypocrisy is the problem.

Anything worthwhile will be difficult. That’s what makes it valuable and important. And you’ll need to make room for it in your life.

It’s not a matter of trying to do more and fit everything in. It’s a trade-off (a concept I’ve learned from Greg McKeown’s book, Essentialism). It will require you to make time, by changing your routine, your habits, and sometimes, your long-held beliefs. You’ll have to say ‘no’ to trivial things, to make space to say ‘yes’ to the most important thing.

It’s not easy. It’s a commitment (often met by resistance) to the emotional labor of actually doing the hard work.

So, what’s something you want to do?

About the Author

Matthew Encina is the chief content officer at The Futur, where he teaches about creativity, productivity, and how to have a sustained career doing what you love. He’s also creative director at Blind, and occasionally makes content on his personal channel.

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Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.

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