Photo by Andrew DesLauriers on Unsplash

Potential to be Realized

Matthew Encina
Feb 13, 2022


There exists, countless brilliant ideas, waiting to be brought into reality.
It just needs the curious creative to plant the rods for lightning to strike.

But more likely than lightning, is a thoughtful idea to emerge out of a deep exploration into a problem. A question. A challenge to look at the world differently.

The idea comes from the proccess.
The journey you take in a direction, with the intent to discover.

That process requires work beyond inspiration.
It’s the steps taken in a direction based on
a hunch, an educated guess, a feeling.

Not expecting to reach the end,
but to find something new or interesting along the way.

There is so much potential out there, waiting for you to put in the work.
To explore them. To find them. And bring them into reality.



Matthew Encina

Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.