There are many ways we play it safe in our lives.
Our jobs. Our relationships. Our ideas.

Safe is taking a job where difficult decisions are made for you.
Safe is being in a relationship that doesn’t challenge you.
Safe is feeding the narrative you already believe, and never giving an opposing perspective a chance.

Safe is predictable, comfortable, and easy.

Safe isn’t a new question. It’s the same answer every day.
Safe is the belief that nothing can better; telling you to stay the course and avoid change at all costs. Because change isn’t safe.

Change is disruptive.
Change is uncomfortable.
Change is the creation of something new.

When you arrive at your to-do list this morning, reflect: are you playing it safe, or are you making change?

These morning thoughts are heavily inspired by my time inside the AltMBA earlier this year. Thanks Seth.

Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.

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