An idea pops into your head. A vision clear and vivid.

Why didn’t anyone think of this before?
Wouldn’t it be so good if…
And then I can add this…
I can totally imagine this…
This is going to blow up!

Well, first I’ll need this…
Then I’ll need that…
Oh, but first she needs to agree…
Wait I should probably look this up…
Hmm, that seems hard.
That might get in the way.

If this doesn’t happen…
I’ll waste my time
I’ll be devastated.
It wouldn’t be a good look on me.
I’m pretty sure someone’s already done this.

I should think about this more,
but I don’t have the time right now.
I’ll pick this back up someday.

You visualized all of that before you even started.
You set your expectations so high, to scare yourself away.
You spent your time overthinking,
when all you had to do was simply begin making.

If you just start, you wouldn’t have to picture it anymore.

Written by

Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.

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