In Between is Uncomfortable.

Matthew Encina
1 min readAug 28, 2020


Between a question and an answer.
Between indecision and a choice.
Between action and hopeful outcome.

In between is the long, treacherous road you must take when you pursue something of value.
When you’re building a novel idea.
When you’re searching for a way to express a deep emotion.
When you want something, you can’t have yet.

You have to be patient, persistent, and ready to live through the indefinite tension of not knowing the exact length of time and distance it might take to get there. If you ever plan to make it, you have to accept the wrong turns taken, and be willing to do more work than expected. Often times, you have to do something unexpected to get out of the in between state.

Being uncomfortable is the expensive price you pay daily when you’re in between starting and completing your worthwhile commitments.

(One worthwhile commitment: learning how to accomodate our discomfort.)



Matthew Encina

Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.