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Decision Fatigue is Eating up Your Time

Matthew Encina
1 min readOct 1, 2020

How many decisions do you have to make before you get to your important work?

Where will I work?
What tools should I use?
What music should I listen to?
What format should this take?
How long should I spend on this?
How should I organize it?

By the time you’ve made all of these decisions, all of your good energy is depleted and your time: gone.

People avoid routine because they think it’s boring and uninspirational. Routine is a process, a system, a way to make a hundred decisions ahead of time, so you can just show up and do the work.

The real work. Not the busy work that’s easiest to check off.

Set a time. Set a place. Let your routine make all the small decisions for you. Treat your best, unfulfilled ideas with respect. The ones that deserve all of the time and attention you can give it.

PS. If you want to improve your practice, here are 10 rules to help you get out of your own way.

Matthew Encina

Creative Director at Blind. Educator at The Futur. International Speaker.